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Technological progress has caused real property management to become an exceptionally demanding activity, usually exceeding the capacity of a single building owner. One might say that today it is necessary to entrust a company specialized in Facility Management with looking after a building.

SPIE Building Solutions has the knowledge and experience to handle even the most modern buildings.


While executing tasks for our Clients, we always strive to achieve two goals:

  • managing a building so that every user feels maximum comfort and safety,
  • leading to the highest possible optimization, in terms of costs and operation, of the building, so as to increase its market value.


Our Clients are guaranteed comprehensive support for their real properties and full coverage of all the building systems. In practice, this means, among others, ensuring continued utility supply, monitoring of the systems and procedures associated with evacuation, or modernization of the technological solutions applied in the building.


In terms of real property management, we provide a broad range of maintenance services:

  • inspections,
  • reviews,
  • maintenance,
  • failure elimination,
  • repairs,
  • 24/7 emergency technical service.


We specialize in supervision the functioning of all types of installations, such as low-voltage, gas, HVAC, water and sewage, teletechnical or fire installations. You will find detailed information on the scope of the specialist services we offer at the following website.


Our facility management services also include:

  • planning and implementation of building modernization projects,
  • advisory services and technical audits,
  • monitoring and utility consumption optimization,
  • purchasing of consumables and spare parts,
  • supervision over technical documentation,
  • supervision over the works of subcontractors,
  • maintaining of a Construction Logbook.