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Care for the natural environment is one of our priorities exercised on many levels. The ISO 14001 standard and the resulting Environmental Management System set the direction of our every single activity. Ecology also affects the product range offered by SPIE Building Solutions which includes sales of and full services for electric car charging stations. 

We have not chosen electromobility by accident. The awareness of environmental protection in Poland is growing, which is visible, among others, in the growing (by several dozen percent) number of alternative fuel cars on our roads. They will be the future of the automotive industry, but we are sure that the electric car charging station infrastructure is already needed today.

Our services support cities and companies in executing their energy efficiency strategies. Our product range is addressed to the public institutions that cherish the idea of smart cities. Also, we cooperate with businesses, for which e-mobility is an opportunity for cost optimization related to the company fleet of cars, as well as assistance in socially and environmentally responsible activity.


Why choose SPIE Building Solutions?

  • we only offer verified and certified products which successfully function in different weather conditions,
  • we supply optimum solutions for: individuals, public institutions, managers of public utility buildings, energy providers and private companies,
  • we take a comprehensive approach to cooperation, in accordance with the in-house principle - the SPIE Building Solutions specialists install and integrate the devices with the power and IT infrastructure on site, supervise technical acceptance and provide a complete set of maintenance services in the period of functioning of the station,
  • the car charging stations we offer improve the attractiveness of the facilities in which they are installed, as well as support sustainable development of cities,
  • the proper charging system is adapted on the basis of an audit assessing the individual needs of our Client.


Please find below detailed information on the electric car charging stations from SPIE Building Solutions and on the scope of services we guarantee.